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Where’s the Gas?

Big Boat Sale in Texas! – Needs some work.

How many of those Texas boat owners do you think are dancing for joy? From what I saw on TV it looked like an awful lot of boats were offered up for sacrifice, nothing done to protect them. Oh, well, that is one way to reduce excessive inventory. Those boat owners will be worrying a lot less about gas prices, slip and insurance payments.

The following states have declared emergencies due to gas shortages: Continue reading


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Little Speedball

Ike is a little speedball roaring across the Atlantic at 18 MPH. Getting close to a hurricane, its a small storm that is very well formed and quite small. It eerily reminds me of another Cape Verde storm, Andrew. What first caught my attention about IKE is that he is moving fast and is overtaking Hanna. Only once have I seen one storm overtake another and it was like a PacMan event reversed. The overtaken storm was larger and devoured the smaller overtaking storm. If Hanna doesn’t hurry up and get out of the way, these two are going to interact.

Hanna looks like a Victorian lady who fell down¬† and got tangled up in her skirts. They say its going to become a hurricane but its such a mess I don’t see how. The circulation center is becoming detached from the cloud mass, but it does seem to be slowly lifting north.

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Buy Gasoline Now!

The center of Gus has finally moved off Jamaica and is ambling WNW at 5 kts. The satellite view clearly shows that it is rapidly building up. Reading the forecast discussion it is clear that the NHC doesn’t know where its going. Could be anywhere in the Gulf. The forecast track is shaped like a light bulb and is essentially meaningless.

This is a good time to remind every one of us fools who chose to live on the coast that two days before the the last storm all gasoline was sold out. Couldn’t get a gallon of gas anywhere, so THE TIME TO STOCK UP IS NOW, not Sunday or Monday. Early hoarding is good, late hoarding is bad. The reason why is that when gas runs out early, that gives them more time for deliveries. There won’t be any deliveries two days before the storm.

Gasoline stocks are unusually low right now, so this could lead to a serious crunch time, so grab your gas cans and go now. Also, expect gasoline prices to rise dramatically. This is not gouging since gas is sold wholesale on the open market to highest bidder. My local price went up ten cents overnight and will probably keep rising.


My emergency stock of gasoline is geting old so I put that gas in the SUV and refilled the gas cans. The gas station was PACKED!  A line was forming. People are already hoarding.

Gus is intensifying with a nicely formed central core and an eye is beginning to form. Forward speed looks a bit faster too. Gus was a very tiny tropical storm yesterday but now is growing dramatically in size. Lets hope this doesn’t become a Hugo sized storm (physically one of the largest ever). I’m definitely getting tired of hurricanes. Enough already!

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Ready for Hurricane Season?

This one is different.

For years I have written articles about how to prepare for hurricanes, but this year the storm risk goes far beyond wrecking your home or boat. Perhaps an even greater fear is a Category four or five storm tearing through the Gulf oil fields and coastal refineries. Katrina was bad, but it could have been worse. An Andrew type storm, heading generally east to west could wipe out most of our petroleum industry, unlike Katrina which was a north-south storm. Continue reading

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