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New Products

New products that really fulfill a need are always of interest to me. Unfortunately, it seems that most new products are simply designed to . . . . sell new product and not really meet a need.  The plethora of new products offered at boat shows tends to suggest to me a level of desperation plus a a lack of imagination. But every once in a while, something really good comes along.

For fifty years I’ve struggled and cursed shore power cords. Not just because they’re heavy and unwieldy, for they certainly are that, but also because of the problem of dragging it out, stringing it out and getting both ends connected – only to find no power.  You check the connections, the panel on the boat, circuit breakers on the dock, primaries and secondaries only to find that there are an awful lot of things that can go wrong. Worse, one has to keep going back-and-forth between boat and dock panels to check, a tiresome ordeal that gets repeated too often.

Hubbell Marine has at least come up with a partial solution with new cable sets that have indicator lights that tell (1) whether power is reaching the cable and, (2) whether the polarity is correct. Now there’s an innovation worthy of the price because it cuts the potential problems by half. If you’ve got power to the cable, but not on the boat, then you  know where to look.

Now, if we could just get boat builders to put an LED indicator at the boat-side connection, we won’t have to keep running back-and-forth to the panel to check.


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